Digital numbered tickets

Thank you very much for your patronage of Hitotubu Kanro.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by our ongoing product shortages.

In order for our products to be enjoyed by as many people as possible,
we have introduced a digital numbered ticket system at our Gransta Tokyo and Harajuku stores.

<How to get digital numbered tickets>
You can get digital numbered tickets from the [Hitotubu Kanro] section of the menu on the Kanro Official LINE account.
*The images below may differ from the actual display.
*The menu screen is subject to change.

1. On the Kanro Official LINE account, tap “ヒトツブカンロ整理券はこちら (Tap here for Hitotubu Kanro numbered tickets)” and enter the date and time you would like to visit a store.

2. You will be sent a numbered ticket QR code when your turn has arrived. When you arrive at the store, please show your digital numbered ticket screen (the screen displaying your number and QR code) to the staff.

<Digital numbered ticket reception hours>

・Reception for digital numbered ticket requests begins at 12:00 AM one day prior to the day of the store visit.
(Example: Digital numbered tickets for February 2 become available at 12:00 AM on February 1)
・Digital numbered tickets are only available for store visits up to one day in advance. Distribution of digital numbered tickets will end when the predetermined number of visitors has been reached.

<Regarding product sales>
Numbered tickets do not guarantee the purchase of a desired product. Even if you have a numbered ticket, some products may be sold out. Thank you for your understanding.

Gummi-tzels 12-pack and 30-pack boxes are expected to be out of stock for the foreseeable future.

・Incoming products and sales restrictions are subject to change depending on the day’s product inventory. Please check at the store on the day of your visit.


<Regarding purchases made by those accompanying numbered ticket holders>
・Each visitor with a digital numbered ticket may purchase one product per person for up to three children of elementary school age or younger accompanying the visitor.
・Staff at the register may confirm the number of persons accompanying you and their ages. If they are unable to confirm the information, they may be unable to make your purchase.
・Sales restrictions are subject to change without prior notice. Your understanding is appreciated as we make our efforts to ensure that as many customers as possible can enjoy our products.


■Regarding entry to the Harajuku Store
Each person with a numbered ticket may be accompanied by up to one adult and three children. Please note that only customers with numbered tickets can purchase products with restrictions.

<Precautions when visiting the store>
Visitors are permitted to enter the store in order of arrival after receiving their notification via LINE.

・Please note that if you do not arrive at the store by the reservation time on your numbered ticket, your reservation will be canceled.
・Digital numbered tickets may not be used by anyone other than the person who requested and received it.
・Screenshots, printouts, etc. of the numbered ticket screen will not be accepted. Please show the actual numbered ticket screen.
・Times listed on numbered tickets are approximate. Actual entry time into the store may be earlier or later, depending on the situation.
・In order for the store to serve as many customers as possible, please limit your checkouts to once per person per day.


■Tokyo Gransta Store: Regarding sales based on distribution of paper numbered tickets
・A limited number of paper numbered tickets will also be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis before the store opens. Please note that distribution of paper numbered tickets will end when the capacity is reached.

Depending on the congestion situation going forward, distribution of paper numbered tickets may be suspended without prior notice, or distribution times may be changed according to the situation.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

■Harajuku Store: Regarding sales based on distribution of paper numbered tickets
For the first 1-2 months after the Harajuku Store opens, sales of the Gummitzels series and mofuwaBOX are scheduled to be done exclusively by the digital numbered ticket system. Distribution of paper numbered tickets will be decided based on the congestion situation.